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August Light Sensor

August Sensor Light Review

I recently received one of August’s latest products. In this instance it was the August Sensor Light, as they call it. The light is very simplistic LED light fitted with a sensor. The sensor itself can be over-ridden and only works if selected in the automatic mode. Micro USB charging means the light works more effectively by charging rather than […]


Anker SoundCore Review

If there isn’t a better way to introduce the New Year with a fantastic device; the Anker SoundCore then I’m afraid we’ve been looking in the wrong place! I’m certain you will love this product as much as we do. I have kept an eye on the Anker Soundcore speaker as I’m aware Anker have some fantastic products, a few of […]

Aukey Christmas Special!

We greatly appreciate our links with Aukey who clearly evidently appreciate you lovely readers too! I have received some lovely offers for the followings products that may interest some of you. I shall also include discount coupons that expire on the 15th December but that’s still in time for your Christmas Shopping! Each of the offers below have been exclusively selected according […]

Philips Hue Review

Philips Hue Bridge Review

Apologies for the delay in posts recently I have been busy testing the Philips Hue Bridge! Philips really have exceeded my expectations with this one, I have used a Philips razor for a few years now and although it was good I did not expect the quality to shine through on other Philips Items! Energy saving is a key selling point of […]

Aukey 3 Port USB Charger

Introducing the 30W Aukey 3 Port USB Charger!

Hello all you wonderful bunch of techies do you fancy a USB wall charger for christmas… how about the Aukey 3 Port USB Charger? Diana from Aukey has a surprise for you all as part of the introduction to the 30W (DC 5A) USB Wall charger that features 3 high speed USB ports! Features of the Aukey 3 Port USB […]