August Light Sensor

August Sensor Light Review

I recently received one of August’s latest products. In this instance it was the August Sensor Light, as they call it. The light is very simplistic LED light fitted with a sensor. The sensor itself can be over-ridden and only works if selected in the automatic mode. Micro USB charging means the light works more effectively by charging rather than […]


Anker SoundCore Review

If there isn’t a better way to introduce the New Year with a fantastic device; the Anker SoundCore then I’m afraid we’ve been looking in the wrong place! I’m certain you will love this product as much as we do. I have kept an eye on the Anker Soundcore speaker as I’m aware Anker have some fantastic products, a few of […]

Philips Hue Review

Philips Hue Bridge Review

Apologies for the delay in posts recently I have been busy testing the Philips Hue Bridge! Philips really have exceeded my expectations with this one, I have used a Philips razor for a few years now and although it was good I did not expect the quality to shine through on other Philips Items! Energy saving is a key selling point of […]

Aukey USB Wall Charger

Aukey USB Wall Charger

Introducing the Aukey USB Wall Charger as a new product provided to us by Aukey for review! If you happen to be like me and have multiple devices that all require charging simultaneously… then this one is for you. I tend to find most of my devices all run out of charge at the same time. How convenient. Modern technology has […]

Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub Review

From the offset the Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub has a nice look that is fantastic for placing on a desk and being part of the furniture. Unlike some other hubs the performance of this little hub is great with the capacity of 5Gbps and four USB ports. Aukey make products of fantastic quality. Because we have reviewed a few […]