Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub Review

From the offset the Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub has a nice look that is fantastic for placing on a desk and being part of the furniture. Unlike some other hubs the performance of this little hub is great with the capacity of 5Gbps and four USB ports. Aukey make products of fantastic quality. Because we have reviewed a few […]

Aukey 3 Port USB Charger

Introducing the 30W Aukey 3 Port USB Charger!

Hello all you wonderful bunch of techies do you fancy a USB wall charger for christmas… how about the Aukey 3 Port USB Charger? Diana from Aukey has a surprise for you all as part of the introduction to the 30W (DC 5A) USB Wall charger that features 3 high speed USB ports! Features of the Aukey 3 Port USB […]

Netgear Arlo

Netgear Arlo CCTV Wire-Free Review

The Netgear Arlo CCTV solution is well known for being a completely Wire-Free system. First of its kind. Anxious to try this out we managed to dismantle it out the box but this is a process in itself as the cameras are screwed from the inside onto a transparent area of the box. Nevertheless I got it out after a few […]

Aukey USB C to USB A adapter

Aukey USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter 2

The Aukey USB C to USB 3.0 adapter is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection. This product is especially relevant if you have seen Apple’s new Macbook Pro! (We love this although the slight lack of any USB 3.0 A ports makes it useless for charging my new Apple iPhone 7. Needless to say it is a problem that needs to […]