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Aukey Christmas Special!

We greatly appreciate our links with Aukey who clearly evidently appreciate you lovely readers too! I have received some lovely offers for the followings products that may interest some of you. I shall also include discount coupons that expire on the 15th December but that’s still in time for your Christmas Shopping! Each of the offers below have been exclusively selected according […]

Raspberry Pi CCTV

Raspberry Pi CCTV – MotionEye 2

Raspberry Pi CCTV – Using MotionEye (Formerly MotionPi) There’s a few alternative ways to set up your own Raspberry Pi CCTV system and I find MotionEye to be the easiest and most efficient. So, without further hesitation I’ll start with my Raspberry Pi CCTV project. I’ve found from my own searching that not only does MotionEye provide a live stream […]