About Matthews.Tech:

Thank you for visiting. My name is Matthew and I am the sole owner and founder of Matthews.Tech. I have a great interest in technology and development tools, this is expressed within the posts on Matthews Tech. I tend to feature content that provides users with reliable information and skill-enhancement. I truly believe in respect, opportunity and support for all people who require it. For this reason, all work on this site has the intention to be useful and supportive.

I have a great personal interest in servers and this is my focus of my primary job as a Systems Administrator.Secondly, I work as a part time student focussing on Technology, when I get spare time I publish articles and enjoy travel and photography.

Most of the articles I write are currently funded by myself and a lot of work is done for the benefit of my readers. Those who find the time to read the articles I write and can take something positive away, are the most important people to me. I am hopeful that you are able to do the same.

I like to believe I am a very friendly, open and approachable person. Please do not hesitate to email myself at info [at] Matthews.Tech and I shall respond as soon as possible.

If you work for a company who is interested in sponsorship – I am approachable and would be happy to deal with your request, I have worked with a variety of companies and would be more than happy to work to meet your goals. Having worked with the likes of Ubiquiti Networks, Aukey, Spigen and many others.


Matthews.Tech is empowered by love and passion of all forms and variations of technology!

Thank you for your time.

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