Aukey USB Wall Charger

AUKEY USB Wall Charger Review

Aukey has provided us with the brand new Aukey USB Wall Charger featuring 4 USB ports. Power pass through is a primary feature of this charger and means you do not lose any of your power sockets. One drawback of a USB Wall charger provided by the likes of Apple, Samsung and many other manufacturers are the loss of a wall socket point. This product however avoids that issue and allows a UK Power plug pass through. You should not have to lose a wall socket because you are charging your phone.

What we would however love to see are USB light indicators to show which ports are in use and charging, it may even be worthy of a side-switch to either turn on/off all 4 USB ports completely. The charge is quite chunky and robust and didn’t take up any other slots on a plug-board/socket. So you can plug other things next to this fine which is a failure of many other chargers like this that take over multiple socket space.


Pictures of the Aukey USB Wall Charger:

Aukey USB Wall ChargerAukey USB Wall Charger Aukey USB Wall Charger


In conclusion we do appreciate the design of the Aukey charger and the features it has although we would love to see some LED’s indicating the USB ports being in use. Although this by no means affects the products usage and is more of a personal preference. The product is covered under 24 months of Aukey warranty and although we have only been using it a couple of days there is no issues that we could see arising! It may have been beneficial if the charger was slimmer for travel purposes but that’s us being picky!


Purchase & Disclaimer:


This product was provided to us in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The post above indicates our honest opinion through use of the product over a few days of testing.


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