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Discord Response Times are shown in milliseconds (ms). Connectivity issues are shown by a spike in response times, as above.

First of all, you may be wondering why Discord seems to be the most popular Gamer’s VoIP tool? Celebrating the software’s 2 year anniversary it may be worth mentioning some of the key benefits of Discord over alternatives. Low latency was one of the focus points initially of the Discord application and it is evident that this is still true. Certain drawbacks of alternatives like Teamspeak can require you to run your own server and this means latency can become a very prominent issue when you have gamers worldwide.

Skype has had some security issues in the past, allowing others to potentially get a hold of your IP address, bringing us onto a possibility of Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks. The way Discord works makes all connectivity pass through central servers located around the globe. Protecting you from all types of nasties!

What’s the best thing about it all? It is free! You have the opportunity to contribute $4.99 to help develop Discord which has a few benefits that may be useful depending on your usage. You get various benefits like animated avatars and a bigger upload limit (Nitro).

You can easily make groups and chat to individuals. The platform gives you the opportunity to expand your Gaming community further with no cost to yourselves, that makes anyone able to achieve their potential dreams.

Benefits of Discord:

  • Low Latency server connectivity based on user location
  • Top-level Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Applications for Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android and Linux with a web-interface available for convenience
  • See what games others are currently playing
  • 25 Million Users Worldwide
  • Streamer Mode – Perfect for use with Twitch
  • Automatic Failover



Security should be important to everyone and because of this, Discord is a fantastic solution to VoIP securely. We love this software and as a result recommend it to all Gamers. The appearance is great and easy to use. Most of all, there are many benefits and their support is also very helpful should you get stuck. We would rather all our readers were aware of the best software to use than risk another solution.

We have evaluated this software over a series of months with the support of others. With 25 Million users (as of December 2016) it is quickly catching up with other voice and text tools. We wish the Discord the best of luck in the future and with every future release.



More Information & Disclaimer:

More information is available at DiscordApp.com

This post has not been endorsed or sponsored. All information included is true to the best of our knowledge and from our professional opinion. 

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