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Daffodil Sensor Light Review

I recently received one of Daffodil’s latest products. In this instance it was the Daffodil Sensor Light, as they call it. The light is very simplistic LED light fitted with a sensor. The sensor itself can be over-ridden and only works if selected in the automatic mode. Micro USB charging means the light works more effectively by charging rather than inserting batteries. Packaging has improved from August (Daffodil) with a similar style to Anker’s customer service leaflet. I always find these inserts within the package as a reassuring sign because it shows the manufacturer truly cares about their customers and wishes to make sure their opinion is always appreciated. Pricing starts at £9.95 however, with the coupon in the link below this drops to a much lower and affordable price. Because the light does not mention to be waterproof I would refrain from placing this outside.

The features of the portable light include:

  • Rechargeable 15 Hour battery
  • Micro-USB cable / charging port
  • 3 Modes – on/off/automatic
  • Three light settings (bright, dim and flashing red LED’s that measure up to 90 Lumens)
  • Magnetic base, with thin adhesive magnet included
  • Highly portable

Pictures of the August Sensor Light:

August Light Sensor


In conclusion, I do like the LED Light sensor and was very impressed with the build quality of the device. Testing the device for a two week period I was able to establish that the device actives best when a dramatic light change occurs rather than direct movement. I found when opening the door for example the light activated and worked effectively to light up the cupboard and automatically turning off after a period of inactivity (15 to 20 seconds). In my opinion I would thoroughly recommend this product even as a portable torch-type light or in the event of a break-down can be doubled as a warning light from the flashing red LED’s – the LED bulbs are very bright and effective. For improvement, the device may benefit from being available in a multi-pack or ability to make the light flash the red LED’s automatically.

I received this product from August discounted (not free of charge) in return for a non-biased and honest review, my true and honest perception of the product is listed within this review.

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