Philips Hue Review

Philips Hue Bridge Review

Apologies for the delay in posts recently I have been busy testing the Philips Hue Bridge! Philips really have exceeded my expectations with this one, I have used a Philips razor for a few years now and although it was good I did not expect the quality to shine through on other Philips Items!

Energy saving is a key selling point of the Philips Hue and the output you can achieve using this system is phenomenal. I have replaced multiple 40W bulbs with 9W Philips Hue Ambient light bulbs. Not only are these dimmable using the Philips Hue Bridge but you can also change the light spectrum.

Because of the way that Philips Hue works using ZigBee Light Link the Hub is required to translate this to WiFi. The bulbs themselves work when plugged in. Although the Hue Bridge is required for more functions. I personally love this item although it can be a bit costly outside of a lighting kit. It is sold for approximately £49.00 outside of the lighting kits.

Functionality includes:

  • Ability to control brightness and light spectrum via Mobile Application (iOS/Android)
  • Connect up-to 50 Hue bulbs
  • Works with Apple HomeKit
  • Works with Alexa – Amazon’s assistant
  • Allows accessories such as dimmer switches to be connected
  • Allows you to set schedules for lighting
  • You can even connect to the Hue API

Some images of the Philips Hue Bridge are featured below:

Philips Hue Bridge Review Philips Hue Review Philips Hue Review Philips Hue Review

The packaging is clearly laid out and I especially liked the informative element. The contents include the Bridge, plug and adapter and ethernet cable. So long as you plug this into your router or network switch you should be good to go.

My conclusion of the Philips Hue Bridge set:

I really was impressed by Philips Hue and the extraordinary possibilities that you can achieve using these kits to control almost anything light related. I look forward to trying this with some coloured bulbs when I get some spare cash as these bulbs are the same price as the Bridge. If you really want to become eco-friendly and HomeKit savvy. Then really this is one of the best moves you can make.

I absolutely adore this product and shall hopefully roll it out throughout my house. I shall include some further reviews of each individual bulbs. But I look forward to linking it to my sound-system for a home movie experience including surrounding lights!


Purchase & More Info:

Purchase from the following stores:

John Lewis – £49.95 – Here!

Amazon – £49.95 – Temporarily out of stock!

Amazon USA – $59.99 – Here!

More information is available at the Hue website here!


If you have any questions I would love to assist you further, feel free to comment below.


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