Aukey Christmas Special!

We greatly appreciate our links with Aukey who clearly evidently appreciate you lovely readers too!

I have received some lovely offers for the followings products that may interest some of you. I shall also include discount coupons that expire on the 15th December but that’s still in time for your Christmas Shopping! Each of the offers below have been exclusively selected according to their relevancy and the relation to Matthews Tech. We love these products. Hopefully one day we will review them for you but until then. Feel free to pop us a question and I’ll happily give any recommendations!

Clicking the images opens the purchase link.

Aukey Deals and promotions:

 Priced at £50.99 this Dash-Cam is highly cost effective but using the following coupon code will deduct £10 off the price! Promotional code: U4VEK49Y
 Priced at £44.99 this whopping 30,000mAh power bank caught our eye as the eyewatering capacity is astonishing and the two power inputs amazed us! We also have a lovely code for £15… off the price! Promotional code: NBJX9AXN

This small speaker is for those fellow bicycle enthusiasts, this small handle-bar mountable speaker is £7.99 but after this £4 promotional code you can get it for £3.99! If that’s not a bargain we do not know what is. Promotional code: MGDQ3YRH

 Ever been on holiday and thought all the sun could be of some use? This is the perfect product for soaking up the sun and charging all your devices, priced at £21.99 with the following code you can save a fantastic £6.00! Promotional code: ROUMUT2B


Although this post slightly differs from our usual we do like to give a helping hand wherever possible and discounts are useful to us so we love sharing them with you. AuKey have been featured on our Tech blog a few times with some of their fantastic products. We truly love working with them and their companies eco-focussed products.

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