Aukey USB Wall Charger

Aukey USB Wall Charger

Introducing the Aukey USB Wall Charger as a new product provided to us by Aukey for review! If you happen to be like me and have multiple devices that all require charging simultaneously… then this one is for you. I tend to find most of my devices all run out of charge at the same time. How convenient. Modern technology has its drawbacks. The Aukey USB Wall Charger is priced at £14.99 and includes 24 month warranty for any problems! I do appreciate the safety features for over-charging, current and over heating. Safety is a priority with most electronic devices after the Samsung Note 7 scare.


Pictures of the Aukey USB Wall Charger:

Aukey USB Wall Charger Aukey USB Wall Charger img_4009 Aukey USB Wall Charger

Conclusion and opinion of the Aukey USB Wall Charger:


When asked for my opinion on a product. I tend to find it easy to be critical but in this case, I am wondering the benefit of the USB 3.0 technology. As it has no data connection, although I am no expert with Qualcomm technology it looks linked. Regardless the power adapter features USB 3.0 technology with quick charge. In theory this should charge your devices twice as fast, I found it difficult to test due to all my chargers being relatively quick. I would imagine this product to be ideal for charging two power banks simultaneously for instance. When charging power banks over USB it can take a long time, this speeds up the experience dramatically.

There are limited points to mention on this product although I do think it has a good aesthetic look. The orange USB slots are different but a power light may be beneficial in future releases. Overall it is a fair product and fantastic for multi-device charging.


This product was provided to Matthew’s Tech in exchange for an unbiased, honest review of the product and its capabilities!


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