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Netgear Arlo CCTV Wire-Free Review

The Netgear Arlo CCTV solution is well known for being a completely Wire-Free system. First of its kind.

Anxious to try this out we managed to dismantle it out the box but this is a process in itself as the cameras are screwed from the inside onto a transparent area of the box. Nevertheless I got it out after a few minutes and managed to set it up. The setup was clear and it was very simple to setup. The setup works from a laptop or an App from your phone. Within a matter of minutes we were setup and the camera was connected. It requires an online Netgear account. If you do not already have one it guides you through this during setup.

Credit where credit is due, it looks fantastic and we appreciated the batteries included. The sticker provided looks great too because it gives the product a nice clean and modern feel.

The product comes with and features:

  • Wall Mounts and Screws
  • Magnetic Camera Wall Mounting system
  • Base Station to connect Cameras to LAN
  • Live Feed when viewed in app or website
  • Manual Record/Screenshot
  • Free Cloud Storage up to 1GB over 7 Days
  • Protected by Arlo Sticker
  • Batteries
  • Arlo Wire-Free Camera
  • Multi-Plug convertor (USA,EU,UK included)
  • Ethernet Cable included

Below I have included pictures of the Netgear Arlo. I have attempted to show and include different elements of the product. From basestation to Camera and Netgear’s unique packaging!

I have also included pictures of the Netgear Hub and the order of the battery placement – I struggled with this because the diagram was not as clear as it could have been and took a few attempts to get the batteries in the right placement.

Pictures of Netgear Arlo:

Netgear Arlo Netgear Arlo  Netgear Arlo Netgear ArloNetgear Arlo Netgear Arlo Netgear Arlo Netgear Arlo Netgear Arlo

Our thoughts:

There are a few ups and downs, unfortunately one of those is I struggled to get the motion sensor to work well even though vehicles were going past and the sensor was set to its maximum. This would work fantastic if you are trying to cover a doorway or an entrance but for our driveway it was a bit too far away to register anything going past. Unfortunately the cars we have were damaged, we then got Arlo as a trial and it was a little too far out of reach to register motion. We were a bit disappointed there is two USB ports on the base station and neither can be used. If only we could have connected some local storage!

However, while testing the Arlo system there was a media update that Arlo Pro has now been released. We may look to trial this in the future and see if we get a better experience as it does seem to have some clear improvements that may address some of the problems we were facing. We appreciate that Netgear have now introduced a rechargeable battery system and local storage options which are both fantastic, making use of the ports on the hub! These ports are currently not usable but this should be change shortly with the next update.

In conclusion, we did like the concept and the system itself. It was easy to setup and use but it did not suit needs where long distance motion may be required.


Purchase & More info:

Netgear Arlo Wire-Free £179.99 Purchase – Amazon UK!

Check out Arlo’s website here!

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