Aukey 5 Port USB Hub

Aukey 5 Port USB Hub Review

Looking at the Aukey 5 Port USB Hub the product looks like it is something out the future. The product itself is a 5 Port USB Hub which is fantastic for powering multiple Raspberry Pi’s and mobile phones whether it be iPhone or Google’s new Pixel Phone! Projects such as my Raspberry Pi CCTV run absolutely fine on this device.

Another bonus for the product is its colour as I fortunately I quite like the green touch, the styling is modern and it features nice flush edges on the device keeping it very tidy. The size of the Aukey 5 Port USB Hub makes it highly portable and ideal for charging all your family devices abroad or when travelling!

I use mine to charge all the devices in the house and run three Raspberry Pi devices. It works fantastically as a central charging station for everything rather than having hundreds of USB adapters plugged in.

The Features include:

  • 5 Port Aukey USB Hub
  • 50W / 10A (max) for the device
  • Ability to charge 5 items simultaneously!
  • Small and compact
  • Warranty

Pictures of Aukey 5 Port USB Hub and packaging:

Aukey 5 USB Port Aukey 5 USB Port Aukey 5 USB Port Aukey 5 USB Port Aukey 5 Port USB HubAukey 5 USB Port

In conclusion the product itself performs well and has the power capacity of 50 Watts to power all your devices. I had no issues using all of the ports at the same time and experienced consistent charging throughout testing. Priced on Amazon currently at £12.99 I cannot recommend this enough to anyone. If you have multiple USB charged devices this is a must-have item and I honestly believe everyone should have one! Whenever a friend comes over and they want their phone charged or you do not want to unplug yours on holiday, this is the ideal candidate.

We were provided this device for review purposes by Aukey, the review I have written is truthful and honest of my experience with this device.

Purchase & More Info:

The Aukey 5 Port USB Hub is available on Amazon UK – Here!

To find out more about Aukey and their products visit their website –

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