LogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse

LogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse Review

Introducing none other than the LogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse, the ultimate cost effective tool for any of your gaming needs! This is a wireless gaming mouse, a lot of gamers will be sniggering here thinking everyone with a wireless mouse is not going to get the same experience as a wired version. Yes and no, we agree that for a gaming fanatic there may be better mouses out there but if you just love a fun game, this is perfect. It is a lot more portable and you can take it to your mates house! What more could you want?

First impressions were good and led us to trial the product on a few tasks to see how maneuverable and reliable it was. These were successful, the mouse performs well under all types of situation.

The Features of the LogitechG Wireless Gaming Mouse include:

  • Advanced comfortable design
  • Wireless Capabilities
  • Modify DPI between 250, 2500.
  • Hold to slow DPI temporarily
  • Battery Life extending capabilities
  • 250 Hours of battery life in Performance Mode (Blue)
  • 1440 Hours of battery life in Endurance Mode (Green)

Pictures of the LogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse:

LogitechG G602 Gaming MouseLogitechG G602 Gaming MouseLogitechG G602 Gaming MouseLogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse


The packaging of the Logitech Mouse is fantastic quality, it is not by any means stressful to open unlike some mouses. I like how it has its own easy to pull battery release that quickly allows you to get going. Thanks Logitech I did not have to fiddle with batteries to get going!

The mouse itself has a great feel when being held, it easily could rest in the palm for hours. Comfortably. Being able to hold the mouse for a long time is especially important when gaming. A lot of thought and trial has gone into this product and it shows when in use. The design is well thought out because the product has all the programmable buttons situated easily within slight thumb movements and has been designed around the hands resting position. We love this futuristic design. Finally, DPI settings are situated next to the index finger.

Everyday use of the device is great, when set to the endurance mode rather than the performance mode we found that if you are just browsing and watching your favourite streamer on twitch or youtube you cannot tell the difference and the mouse itself is still fantastic for these everyday tasks. The world truly is your oyster with this mouse by your side.

Concluding this review I have had a fantastic experience with this mouse and it has a great feel. A feature we would love to see next time is possibly a small carry-bag for the mouse if you are attending an event. Although that does not by any means take away the fact this mouse is extremely good to use. We believe the price of £57.99 is good for any gamer who wants a good feeling mouse.

The experience has been great, we hope we get the pleasure of reviewing more Logitech products in the future!


Purchase & More Info:

Purchase the LogitechG G602 Gaming Mouse at Amazon UK – Here!

More information on this product at Logitech

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