August WS300 Speaker Review

August WS300 Speaker Review

Opening the August WS300 I was amazed at how relatively small it was. The product is fairly small and I shall include the dimensions for you below. August was a brand I was already aware of because of my Raspberry Pi project days although for an antenna rather than a speaker!

The packaging is simple and fairly protected using polystyrene. The contents of the packaging include; Micro USB cable, AUX to AUX cable and the speaker itself.

The August WS300 has a largely protective rubberised bottom and top, the speaker itself is featured on the front with the logo but a metal mesh surrounds the device. This gives a fairly modern feel. It most likely fits the design in any room because of the modern design.

The features of the August WS300 include:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • AUX Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • App support
  • Multi-Room Support
  • Battery Life: 22 Hours
  • Large Play/Pause, Volume and Bluetooth/Aux/WI-FI status LED’s on top.

Pictures of the Product:

August WS300 Speaker August WS300 Speaker  August WS300 Speaker August WS300 Speaker August WS300 Speaker  August WS300 Speaker

Information about the Product:

The power button is featured on the rear alongside the USB port, Micro USB port to charge the device and the AUX port. Testing the device with Bluetooth and AUX I can find no problems and the speaker volume goes very loud. As the buttons are so large on the top of the device this is ideal for my family members who are a bit older (Sorry Mum!) and I truly believe anyone can work this device.

The speaker is more of a house item but I shall be glad to post a review of the August WS150 which appears to be a smaller, compact version. Both speakers are described as multi-room. This is because there is an Application called August Alink. From this you can play music to multiple devices in different rooms or one individual speaker. The MultiRoom system supports up to 4 devices.

You will need a USB plug to charge this device but all modern Apple, Samsung, Blackberry phones all feature detachable cables. This means you can easily unplug the cable and charge this from your phone plug.


In conclusion the build quality of the speaker is fair and the power, sound quality and battery life are all fantastic. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a battery powered speaker that is rechargeable for adventures in your home and possibly in your garden (so long as you remember to take it back in before it rains). It really is fantastic!

This product was provided to me by the manufacturer, this review features my honest and unbiased opinion of the product.


Purchase the Product and extras:

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