Aukey 12000mAH Battery

Aukey 12000 mAh Power Bank Review

Looking at the AuKey 12000 mAh Power Bank it is easy to see the cosmetic appeal of the device, I personally love this device because of the styling and the shape. It’s common place to have these batteries situated in your pocket and longer, thinner devices are a lot more portable.

Priced at £16.99 this has to be one of the cheapest and largest external battery chargers available because most competitors feature much more expensive versions. The portable battery itself is slightly longer than my iPhone 7 and this is approximately 2-3cm longer. This isn’t a lot of difference and especially if you are carrying this in a bag or rucksack.


Pictures of the Aukey 12000 mAh Power Bank & Packaging:

AuKey 12000 mAh Power BankAuKey 12000 mAh Power BankAuKey 12000 mAh Power BankAuKey 12000 mAh Power Bank

Looking at the packaging I like the simplicity, I have a fond liking of the way it is laid out and the green colour! Especially the lovely User Manual and warranty, support information. This is great for any newbie who may need some extra support!


The AuKey 12000 mAh Power Bank features:

  • 12000mAh cell
  • Two USB Charging Ports for simultaneous charging.
  • Power level indication
  • Flash Light inbuilt
  • Micro USB Cable provided (20cm)

It has the ability to charge my iPhone 7 approximately 4 and a half times, I have been able to achieve 4 charges out of this product without any problem. It also states on their product page that it can charge a single iPad Air and a larger Samsung device should get around 3 charges.

Due to the size of the device it may take a few hours to charge the battery fully depending on your charging method. The Aukey logo on the device lights up green when the charging level of the device. Below I have included the meaning of each light on the logo.


The colours for the Power level indication are:

  • White: 70-100% Charge
  • Green: 30-70% Charge
  • Red: 0-30% Charge

In conclusion, this product is great for those who travel a lot throughout the day. The product has the ability to keep your mobile office moving whether this be your iPad or phone. You can rely on the device to keep you going and never worry about that low battery icon ever again! Just be sure to charge it when you get home.

We were provided this device for review purposes by Aukey, the review I have written is truthful and honest of my experience with this product. If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below!


Purchase and availability information:

The Aukey 12000 mAh Power Bank is available on Amazon UK here!


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