Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Review

After recently purchased the iPhone 7, along side I bought a Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector. Personally I have a preference of getting the Tempered Glass as I do not believe the plastic ones have the same protection because of their poor durability.

The packaging was vibrant, descriptive and fairly simple which is good for a product that is simple to setup.

The instructions provided were informative. Although it does not tell you to use the Guide Stickers they are there for your own convenience. The provided wipe and cloth were usable and a nice touch working fine during installation.

To fit the glass to the screen, align it and use the guide stickers to create a hinge. Once aligned, lift up while attached to guide stickers and peel the back off. Once placing down slowly and tapping the middle of the screen when aligned it should start to stick! The glue generally moves across the screen and hopefully you have not got any air bubbles. If you do, use the cloth provided to push down on the top of the screen.

Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Packaging:

Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector

To improve the recommendations I have are mainly regarding the glue that the product uses and it did fit on flawlessly. After a simple tap it stuck to my screen fine. It was not until after that the edges which were no longer stuck became apparent.

In conclusion, I found that the Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector was around the normal price of a glass screen protector at £5.99. However, the glue that sticks to the screen is somewhat weaker around the edges, I find it is stuck down fine but the glue has not stuck around the edge. One final word to summarise the product is; fair!

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