iPhone 7

iPhone 7 – What you need to know!

Today has been an interesting day for Apple fans with the confirmation of the iPhone 7 and all of its features. There are some great benefits such as the minimum storage size being 32GB because clearly 16GB was never enough!

Apple iPhone 7 latest features and improvements:

  • The A10 processing chip is a “64-bit quad core with 3.3 billion transistors. The chip has 50x faster graphics processing and the processor is 120x quicker than the original iPhone. Astonishing does not quite cut it with the innovation going on here!
  • No more headphone 3.5mm aux slot. This is one of the most controversial elements of the phone but Apple has removed it to create a slimmer phone. The headphones provided are wireless ear pods with 5 hour battery life. Technology inside the headphones will not play unless they are in your ear, as detected by the ear pods.
  • They have mentioned a converter for traditional 3.5mm headphones.
  • Two rear facing 12MegaPixel on the iPhone 7 Plus and a single on the iPhone 7. The new camera(s) help to create better picture quality and definition in a matter of 25 milliseconds. The f/1.8 aperture should help to take shots in darker light settings. The iPhone 7 plus has a wide angle and telephoto camera design.
  • Water and dust resistance to help protect your device in all elements. They don’t mention waterproof but the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch were known for being fairly good even in short times with exposure to water – unofficially.
  • Colours include; jet black, black, silver, gold and rose gold. The black colour is a replacement of space gray.
  • Longer battery life and better efficiency as part of the devices elements. They estimate it to be 2x longer than the battery life of the iPhone 6.
  • Stereo speakers
  • Redefined home button
  • Up-to 256Gb in storage capacity, a great improvement on the previous capacities.
  • Quad-Led True Tone Flash
  • Optical Image Stabilisation

We shall keep you up to date with the latest and greatest we hear as the new updates come through!

The pricing appears to be as follows in the United Kingdom for the iPhone 7:

  • 32GB £599.00
  • 128GB £699.00
  • 256GB £799.00

As for the iPhone 7 Plus the following pricing is in place:

  • 32GB £719.00
  • 128GB £819.00
  • 256GB £919.00

With a £100 price difference between each storage size it is clear that the larger sizes would sustain larger amount of high quality photos and video the new cameras can deliver.

Pre orders are available from 8:01AM on Friday, 9th September.

Further information is available on Apple’s website and it appears the release date may be the 16th September! Further info: Apple iPhone.

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