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How to get an easy Macbook Charger Replacement!

A helpful guide is always good and especially one that can help you get a free macbook charger replacement. Although the term free is loosely used these days I have used this technique realistically for at least 4 chargers without any issues. Always getting a free replacement. Their policy is that they will charge you around £60 and then refund you once you send the broken charger back. Different to the in store method. The in store method does not involve a fee.

Perfect! This method tends to work best on a Credit Card. Because you do not even get charged for the macbook charger as they remove the payment request before it has a chance to even process.

Firstly, I found it beneficial to take a picture of the frayed cable, that was broken. This should not happen in any situation and therefore Apple are proactive. Apple appreciate the fact that this does genuinely happen from time to time. Therefore Apple give you the benefit of the doubt as long as the charger is not maliciously destroyed.

Macbook Charger

Some things to stay aware of with your Macbook Charger:

  • Make sure you take care and return the broken item using the free to post return label. If you do not then you will get charged.
  • This can work in the Apple Store. I had a case where a laptop was 2 to 3 years out of warranty and they still replaced it free of charge.
  • It may take a couple of days for an appointment or delivery.
  • Honesty is the best policy – be honest and if you genuinely have a broken charger from ware and tear then tell them this.

In conclusion, make sure you return the broken part in the parcel provided. I tend to zip tie mine or make them more presentable, as they were treated in a good way before malfunctioning. This method shows you are careful with your items and they are not intentionally broken. As you can see to the right the replacements that are provided.

If the payment is not canceled, the likely cause is because Apple believe it was intentionally damaged. Apple have never done this to myself but I would imagine they could resolve it with you if you did get charged for a replacement.


Apple Support Page


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