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Why the UniFi App is for you!

When you are one of those constantly mobile and active people you have the downside of usually not being able to check your tech away from home. We know… thats unfortunate, especially when you just want a break from the desk! But the UniFi App available for iPhone and Android is here to change that.

You could be on a nice sunny beach in Greece and all of a sudden someone asks you to change VLAN on network switch port 1000 miles away. We sure hope this never happens to you but I’m here to tell you that you can do that easily with the Mobile UniFi Application. Fabulous!

As an example I only have one site on my UniFi App (Named: Default Site) but you could potentially have an endless amount of different networks. One of the best things is the ability to check the connected devices and the network usage of each device. As seen below my Macbook Pro has a total of 119.8GB Uploaded and 73.9GB Downloaded.

Why use the UniFi App?

Whether you are struggling to diagnose issues remotely the UniFi App has alerts to warn you of any device disconnections and anomalies. If you are in a large building you can select ‘Locate’ on each device to show the flashing identify light on that device. The uses are great for the likes of parents, education institutions and work places. Whether you are monitoring usage or diagnosing an issue the App is supporting you along the way.

If you do not have a UniFi controller you can setup these devices using your phone. The functionality is more limited but it is still very useful.

Finally, as a last resort you can even restart your equipment from the UniFi App. We hope it never comes to needing this!

UniFi Application Screenshots:

So it is probably best to show you the App and it’s features. From telling you ports that are occupied to port isolation, RF Scanning (incredibly useful) it has got you covered. I think of it more as a friendly and helpful work colleague than just an App.

UniFi AppUniFi AppUniFi AppUniFi App

UniFi AppUniFi AppUniFi AppUniFi App


If you have any questions I shall do my best to assist you.

Check out the Mobile Apps here:



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