Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch

Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch Review

If you are expanding your home or corporate networks you have to many products to consider. The Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch meets so many requirements and has ample capacity for a home environment with plenty of room for the future.

As this is the first Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch I have had the opportunity to use. There was potential the switch could have been difficult to add to my already configured network. Pleasantly surprised I found the adoption method seems to apply to all Ubiquiti products and making it easy to expand further.

Network Switch Insight:Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch


Firstly, the Ubiquiti Switch was adopted by the UniFi controller. By connecting the ethernet cable from the Ubiquiti USG the switch automatically picked up the uplink connection without any configuration. Because of the flawless integration with the UniFi Controller I was able to setup individual VLAN’s and configure each port individually.

As you can see in the image to the right. The UniFi Controller detected Port 1 automatically as the network uplink. Ports 3 and 7 were detected as POE devices. The Ubiquiti UAP AC-Pro was plugged into Port 3 and used around 4.5W of power.

Colours instantly highlight the speed of the network that each device is plugged into and making it easier to fix problems.

Users have the ability to edit the ports using the pencil icon under the action menu. Within the Controller you can modify VLAN information and POE Power simply because of the friendly interface. Changes can be made individually or by selecting multiple ports to configure at the same time!

If you happen to be wondering who the Switch suits the most; I would have to say anyone with a need for a high speed network connection on all their devices. It is really easy to wire this up to ethernet ports on the walls in each room for example. I would avoid placing the Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch in an open environment because the fans can be noticed when running in a quiet room. The fans however do not run constantly.

Expect a review on the Ubiquiti Cloud Key soon. Ubiquiti’s Cloud Key can be seen using 2.29W in Port 7.



I personally keep noticing that Ubiquiti makes a fantastic job of their packaging. It also always looks of a high quality. More so to note that the user is greeted by a nice product image and a full feature list on the back! The inside of the box is laid out simply with the optional rack and wall mounts available on the side.

Ubiquiti 16 Port SwitchUbiquiti 16 Port Switch

Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch
To the left of the Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch there is a power supply and brief manual.


The Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch:

IMG_0798 (1) IMG_5055 (1)

Similar to a home router; the switch automatically setup the network to the fastest speed of the devices plugged in. Without further setup powered those requiring POE without a hitch! I personally do not have another switch to use the SFP ports but they did not interfere with the total performance at all.

When connecting the mobile application to my UniFi controller I was able to see the total power usage and network throughput. Brandon from Ubiquiti revealed some pretty useful features that I am now aware of and these include the ability to add multiple sites and cloud connections from unifi.ubnt.com. The feature is greatly useful when you are out. Finally, you can even modify ports and VLAN information on your phone!

Check out the Mobile Apps here:



Product Features:

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) inbuilt
  • Two small rear Fans providing cooling (variable and not always on)
  • Highly configurable using Ubiquiti Controller
  • Rack Mountable
  • Easy Network Adoption
  • VLAN Support
  • 16 Configurable Gbps Ports
  • 2 SFP Ports (Optical Fibre/Fiber Connectors)
  • POE Power Usage Monitor

Meeting the requirements of a network switch to be used for any type of network. Another feature being that the opportunities are endless.


In conclusion the Switch may be like other switches but the integration with UniFi makes it a valuable tool for saving time. When you use this network switch you create endless options! Integration is flawless as I was able to setup a separate VLAN and configure the switch from the UniFi Controller. The simplicity was a true life saver and made the network switch a joy to use. If you are less experienced Ubiquiti gives you the option to do the same setup as the networking pros without the command line experience. In addition I had recently experienced a short power cut and I have nothing but praise to the reactions of all the equipment being able to withstand this well and even the network recovering without a reboot.

Thank you to Ubiquiti for providing this product for review purposes.


To find out more about the Ubiquiti 16 Port Switch click here!


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