Ubiquiti USG

Ubiquiti USG – Security Gateway Review

A piece of networking magic, I introduce the Ubiquiti USG. USG stands for UniFi Security Gateway and this works as a piece of networking equipment that acts similar to a firewall. For an ideal network setup a user would be to have the Ubiquiti USG connected to your Modem. From this connect to your switch or directly to a Ubiquiti Access Point! This review is one of many from part of the My Ubiquiti series I had planned for my readers.

Firstly, my first impressions of the device were all positive. From the setup to the usability and configuration Ubiquiti make it relatively easy to add any device to your network. This is a part that my expectations had initially thought of this to be difficult as I was adding this to a pre-existing environment. It turned out relatively easy. It is worth mentioning that this product was provided to me for review purposes by Ubiquiti. However, my views are my own and unbiased as always!

First of all you have to connect the appropriate cables from the Ubiquiti USG to your network. This is explained fully in their quick start guide and this is available here! You do not require a switch; you can connect straight to a Uniquiti UAP for your convenience.


The packaging is simple but well protected and includes: The USG, power adapter and mounting screws with wall anchors! Firstly, the packaging includes a neatly packed USG. Under this there is the associated power cords.

Ubiquiti USG

Ubiquiti USG


Ubiquiti USG

Ubiquiti USG

The product itself is easy to setup, consistently performs yet has a fantastic amount of features while being a helpful networking tool. It is worth mentioning that 7W is the maximum power consumption of the Ubiquiti USG, to think that this well designed product can sustain such a low power usage is unbelievable.

The size of the device is relatively lightweight and it is approximately the same size of the Access Points. As a result it is easy to wall mount because of the lightweight metal. This fits perfectly in a small corner because of its size. Either wall mounting or placing within a cabinet would look equally good. The device has no fans and therefore has practically no noise.

There is customisability for advanced firewall rules, port forwarding while being provided with endless opportunities.

Ubiquiti USG Features:

  • Sleek metal design
  • Reset button
  • Air cooling vents
  • Fanless/quiet design (no fans within the device)
  • Status/Problem Lighting
  • WAN and LAN connection with possibilities for Console/VOIP
  • Connects to UniFi Console
  • Power, Ethernet activity Lighting
  • DPI – Deep Packet Inspection
  • Periodic Speed Tests (probably one of the best features with DPI)
  • Latency Testing
  • Wall Mountable
  • Port Forwarding
  • VPN Support
  • VLAN Support
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Strong Firewall Policies

Layer 3 Performance:

1,000,000 PPS (Packets Per Second) of 64Bytes

3 Gbps of 512Bytes.


As for the products lighting; I love the status lighting for the diagnostic use it therefore provides. With their simple yet useful lighting system that indicates different device statuses. Because of this feature you can instantly diagnose an issue.

Beneath is a key to explain each colour and the meaning:

White Light: Awaiting adoption

Blue and Steady: System active and performing as usual

Green light on console: Device is Powered On!


Overall thoughts and final conclusion:

In conclusion, the potential for this product is never ending. The possibilities and customisation is endless and it all works without fault because of the integration with Ubiquiti Controller. Aside from being a great home and business tool, this provides endless networking fun! You have done it again Ubiquiti. You’ve amazed me. Furthermore, credit where credit is due, you never seem to disappoint and your equipment is as good in person as the specification sheet suggests!


The Ubiquiti USG is available on Amazon UK Here!

Thank you Ubiquiti for this opportunity and fantastic product.

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