Anker PowerCore Edge

Anker PowerCore Edge Review

The ultimate portable device to charge your devices has arrived. Anker and the massive amount of battery capacity that comes with it! Firstly, I introduce the PowerCore Edge, the ultimate travel and long battery life charging facility. Under the hood it has an ultimate 20000mAh battery that is capable of charging your iPhone 6s 7 times!

Consumers love power, this battery pack is focussed on this. At first impressions the main aim is evidently performance, as a result Anker’s device delivers next level charging abilities. Fantastic.


Anker PowerCore Edge


The packaging is simplistic, it has a simple blue and white design and highlights some of the uses that the device is handy for with some lovely icons! Loving the simplicity of Anker’s designs and packaging I believe it truly focuses the effort product.

Inside The Box: The Anker PowerCore Edge!

Anker PowerCore Edge
The Anker PowerCore Edge is presented in its travelling wallet upon opening the packaging.


Anker PowerCore Edge
The sleek design of the Anker PowerCore Edge!


Anker Powercore Edge
On display two USB charging ports can be seen alongside the Micro-USB battery charging port and the on button.

Device Insight:

The device has two charging points and four lights to indicate the power level of the device. You charge the portable battery using Micro USB, the cable is supplied. PowerIQ is a feature that is clearly labelled! Most of all though, the device has a sleek metal finish that fits perfectly with the design of the travel pouch. Size can unfortunately also be a downside because of the metal case the PowerCore Edge is relatively heavy. Therefore this can act as a downside for anyone looking for a slim device for pocket use. As a solution to this if you were to carry this in a bag you would have no problems.

It definitely seems like the device excels my initial expectations and clearly has fantastic capability. Price of the Anker PowerCore Edge is £29.99 and I believe the product you receive is easily worth the price tag. In addition, I had noticed the cover and metal case help to enhance the longevity of the Edge while sustaining the access to the USB ports!

With the new Pokémon Go phenomenon draining batteries the simple solution is to grab an Anker PowerCore device and you are good to go for at least a day with no battery issues!


Key Features:

  • Great battery charging capabilities 20000mAh!
  • Slim Design
  • Two USB Charging ports
  • High Charging speed with Anker PowerIQ and VoltageBoost!
  • Unique Travel Case
  • Fantastic for long distance journeys and large battery requirements

Some device facts and figures:

Running a simple test of charging my Apple iPhone 6S from 1% battery charge all the way to 100% using Anker’s PowerIQ. By doing this with the device stopwatch running while, plugging it in to the PowerCore Edge. I left the device untouched until it had reached 100% charge.

Charge Time Amounts and Apple iPhone 6S Test:

iPhone 6S 1% to 50% Charge Time: 32 Minutes

iPhone 6S 1% to 100% Charge Time: 127 Minutes

iPhone 6S Charge Capacity: 7 Times

iPhone 6S Plus Charge Capacity: 4.5 Times

Samsung Galaxy S6 Charge Capacity: 5 Times


Final Conclusion:

Concluding my review I have nothing but full recommendations of this product. As I am going to Greece late August I have no doubt that this device will be helping me on the way. This shall get fully utilised for keeping my iPhone charged day and night. No one should leave the house again without the Edge by their side. Similar to my conclusion on a previous Anker product; the GlassGuard Screen Protector and this is because of the outstanding quality of the items Anker make.

Compiling the usability, carrying ability, price and battery capacity I came to a conclusion. The rating I have given the Anker PowerCore based on all areas mentioned is a hugely respectable 4.7 Stars!

The Anker PowerCore Edge is currently available on: Amazon UK!

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