Kingston SSDNOW UV400 Review

I have finally managed to get a hold of Kingston’s new SSDNOW UV400, a SSD that Kingston say is astonishingly 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive! I had a hard time trying to find one of these that was still in stock, I presume as they are so popular. The new SSDNOW UV400 model replaces the older SSDNOW UV300 a model that had an impressive up-to 450MB/s read and write speed.

Kingston also have this available as a bundle, the bundle has the ability to turn the SSD into an external drive. It also the appropriate cables and 3.5″ mounting tray for desktops. This obviously fits in most laptops just as the barebones 2.5″ drive!

First impressions of the SSDNOW UV400:

The Kingston SSDNOW UV400 has potential. It not only shines above the older generation with faster speed but a nicer design. In my own opinion I love the the silver design Kingston have made. In addition, the previous UV300 had more of a plastic look and feel, they have changed that with the newer model. While being able to enhance the build quality.




SSD Features:

Size: 2.5″ Form Factor

Minimum Read: 540MB/s

Minimum Write: 350MB/s

Weight: 57g

3 Years Warranty with Technical Support

SSD Sizes and pricelist:

Customers all require different drive sizes and thankfully Kingston have noticed this, they have the following SSDNOW UV400 SSD Disk sizes available:

120GB – Read: 550MB/s & Write: 350MB/s : £31.49

240GB – Read: 550MB/s & Write: 490MB/s : £54.99

480GB – Read: 550MB/s & Write: 500MB/s : £95.99

960GB – Read: 550MB/s & Write: 500MB/s : Available in July!


As a result I would recommend this product to any system builder who wants their applications and Operating System to load quickly. The main reasons behind this are the price, build quality and reliability. Kingston have always been a good brand for me, with their products lasting years, therefore this is truly a product that delivers.

Most of all the pricing of the new Kingston SSDNOW UV400 SSD’s are more than reasonable. At the time of writing the previous UV300 model was £4 more expensive on Amazon!

Having tested the performance of this drive it’s ample for editing, I shall be using it to store some of the programs I always use such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop and a fair amount of photos! The performance increase on these applications was noticeable. Reducing the loading time by at least 10-15 seconds because of the flash storage makes all the difference. Those seconds add up throughout the day, this SSD has genuinely made my life a bit swifter.

I would recommend this to most users, I would definitely say it is worth the money. If you are looking for a new, much quicker drive then this is the one for you. If you are on the fence about whether to swap or not then this might just change your mind! I have to admit that I have compared it against the OCZ Arc 100 and they are pretty equally matched. Although the OCZ SSD cost me about £50 more at the time.

In conclusion, not only is the new edition cheaper than the predecessor; it is much… much quicker.

Thanks Kingston!

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