Ubiquiti UAP-AC Pro Review

Enterprise grade wifi at consumer price, sounds too good to be true but let me introduce the Ubiquiti UAP-AC Pro, which makes this all possible. I have been aware of the Ubiquiti products for a while now because of my workplace. At our work place we use these for enterprise grade wifi delivering multiple wifi networks across very large buildings. The reason for reviewing this product is that the device is so unique. All good consumer grade wireless routers are relatively expensive and bulky devices. This is the complete opposite, as it is not extremely expensive and performs well for the price of the product.

The main features of the UAP-AC Pro include:

  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Guest network
  • Controller
  • Location Tool
  • Client History
  • Large network range
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Highly customisable
  • Wall/Roof Mount (and screws included)
  • Multi Access-point network setup
  • Network Speed Limiter

Other customers agree that the product would seem expensive because of the way it’s designed and performs. It is aesthetically good looking too!

You’re probably asking, is it quick?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words in my own opinion and this picture shouts nothing but good numbers! I usually get 100-130Mbps on my old unreliable 5GHz router.

UAP-AC Pro Score for the UAP-AC Pro Ubiquiti router.

The UAP-AC Pro is one of the fastest Ubiquiti access points with the fastest network connectivity, they do however include a long-range version for even further network range. The Lite and standard versions tend to have a lower speed but still the great connectivity, you may not notice any difference depending on the type of daily-user.

Before progressing further I shall include the pictures below of the product.


Below I thought it best to include some pictures of the packaging this came in from Amazon. The box consists of a sleeve cover (as pictured) which pulls off, revealing the device on-top of the POE adapter and separate plug. The wall mounting tools are also included, including screws.

UAP-AC Pro Packaging

UAP-AC Pro PackagingUAP-AC Pro Packaging

Unifi UAP-AC Pro Device


UniFi Controller

UAP-AC Pro Controller Interface
UniFi Controller Dashboard Interface. The other Throughput/Latency, WAN/LAN dials would light up if I had connected a Ubiquiti Switch and USG.

It may look a bit odd; to those on residential routers it is odd. The UAP-AC Pro and other Ubiquiti Access Points all use external software (as seen above) to control themselves. Usually you would see this as part of the router, like the Superhub and BT Homehub all feature. This may put some people off, it does however have an iPhone and Android app if you just want a basic setup. The controller software isn’t required to be running all the time however, if you run a guest setup it will. That is because the guest setup connects to the controller to present a webpage. Additionally, I found out this works on a Raspberry Pi, Windows or Mac device. Others have suggested and now have theirs externally, as I have servers around the UK I decided to install it on one. Absolutely no issues!

The UAP-AC Pro is designed for those knowledgeable on Networks but I have to admit I am not the most knowledgeable and even I managed.  Ubiquiti’s support is second to none, they are willing to help regardless of the query. They even suggested places to mount my device, whether it be flat un-mounted or on the wall.


Worth mentioning!


In conclusion, words simply cannot explain the effort and time that has been put into the UAP-AC Pro product. Regardless whether it is for an enterprise location or residential, it is fantastic. Due to the amount of content this product potentially has; an idea came to introduce a “Ubiquiti and me” series of tutorials and reviews for those in the same position as myself. So keep an eye out, I shall try support my readers in mastering this device and feel free to post in the comments section what you want to know.

The product is currently available on at £118.49!

Unfortunately I do not have the USG to match this device yet, as that would have cost too much all in the same month. Hopefully, within the next few months I shall be able to review that product for you too.


Finally a big shout to Ubiquiti for their fantastic product, although I purchased it myself I am overwhelmed by their quality and support.

I would rate the Ubiquiti UAP-AC Pro as a 5/5! A first for Matthew’s Tech!

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