Transcend 400x Premium Micro SD

Transcend Premium 400x Micro SD Review

Introducing the Transcend Premium 400x Micro SD Card! Firstly, I have used these cards a while and I use them for various purposes. I was trying to recently compare this Transcend Premium 400x Micro SD Card against a similar Samsung Evo Micro SD. Although they are similarly priced I found that the Transcend Premium 400x has far superior read and write speeds, to match these I would have had to pay an extra £10 for the Samsung Pro models.

These Micro SD cards can be used for any type of recording or storage, customers can see the benefit of these over a Class 4 or competitors Micro SD card when they are placed in HD recording environments. Personally, I am using my Transcend product in particularly for file storage of HD content coming from a Transcend DP100 Dashcam and my Raspberry Pi CCTV Camera.

The main features of the Transcend Premium 400x are:

  • Class 10
  • Up to 60MB/s total
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, static proof, X-ray proof, shock proof
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Up to 90MB/s Read

If you happen to use Micro SD cards for your production environments or for personal projects it is more likely that these Transcend Premium 400x will last longer. I am yet to have a problem over two years.

There are numerous places to get this product. Most of all Amazon happen to sell these cheapest with the most heavily discounted price. Finally, at the time of posting this the Transcend Premium x400 costs £7.00 – Amazon UK.

Furthermore, for those interested I have included some photographs of the packaging below!

Firstly, the front:

Transcend Premium 400x Micro SD Card

Finally, the back:Transcend Premium 400x

In conclusion, I can only deeply recommend this product to anyone serious about technology! Simply because the reliability of the product exceeds the risk of buying many cheaper alternatives. Many of these alternatives may not last as long under the same work load.

Please share your opinion or questions regarding this product and I shall do my best to assist you.

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