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Microsoft Office 365 Review

Microsoft Office 365 – what is it, you might ask? Some of you may already know, from using the likes of Microsoft Office 2003 (the good ol’ days) and Office 2010!

Well, Microsoft Office 365 is different. It’s like the old ones but at the same time it is not? Let me explain… I have used Microsoft products from the age of 7, I used to love clipart and the simple things that a child usually does on a Word document, back then it was all very basic.

Now, there’s a new twist on Office and it is all based on something called the Cloud! It may not be the same cloud’s that we have above us when we walk outside but a virtual technological cloud that stores all your data and keeps it safe in theory, to never be lost no matter what natural destruction the world may throw at us. Although, it works quite well actually. I tend to find that Microsoft Office 365 suits people who move around a lot, likely; students, teachers, lecturers, businessmen and directors. It works because you can access any PC, login with your own account and get all the files you were working on in a PC 2,000 miles away! Astonishing.

There are a few positives and negatives of Microsoft Office 365 however, I shall outline these as follows;


  • All your files are available wherever you are.
  • There is a generously large 1TB of space for all your files.
  • There is online versions of Office Word, Excel etc so you’re able to access and edit documents without the need of downloading and installing the software.
  • You get mobile versions of the software, as well as Desktop versions.
  • Simple design.


  • It can be a bit costly.
  • There are many different Microsoft Office 365 plans – making the whole process possibly confusing for less technical people.

Evidently, these are my own opinion and some may not agree but I do love Microsoft Office 365, I do honestly believe this is the future of technology as the way it works is dynamic and you are able to use it the way you like and save the documents locally or on the cloud. I also like the improvements they made from 2010 to make the design simpler, brighter and more obvious what each different button does for less computer literate people. I honestly think even my Grandma could use it with little help and the last thing she used as a typewriter!

The future is here, it is the cloud and this is great for those of us who move and use many different computers in a day, it is also great for people who upload plenty of photos and all kinds of files as these are easily accessible from anywhere across the globe!

More information is available from Microsoft here at

Let me know your comments below, have you used it before and if so do you like or dislike it?

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