USB C – What’s coming!

USB… You may’ve heard of one? You may even have one? I joke, as nowadays every laptop and computer has atleast 3-4 USB type A ports. All mobile phones now come with USB charging cables and even my car has a USB port to charge and play music through! Fantastic! Well, there’s a new one… USB C!

Now, when I talk about USB ports, I talk about what’s called a USB Type A port. These are the type of port that you recognise when someone mentions the word USB, unfortunately for us technical folk these are getting phased out for a preferable USB Type C or (USB C for short).

So what’s new? Why remove type A!

Type A has it’s problems like most technology, the obvious being that it only fits in one particular way, we’ve all been there where we try force a USB in what feels like every way and it just won’t go in. USB C is designed a bit like the Apple Lightning cable, meaning it can go in any way and it does not matter if it is upside down.

Great! There is a few other benefits, I’ll list these:

  • Has the ability to charge larger devices such as laptops up to 100 Watts
  • It’s multidirectional
  • It’s thinner than conventional USB
  • Depending on the connector you could theoretically achieve 5-10Gbps
  • It’s future proof as no doubt all devices will have one, soon!
USB C Macbook Connector
USB C Macbook Connector

So that’s a brief introduction of USB C, it looks great too rather than it’s bulky 1990’s counterpart. I find that these will soon the new take over from the Type A connectors we all have. It’s rumoured that the new 2016 Macbook Pro will only have USB C connectors and will even have it’s Magsafe charger port removed in favour of these new connectors. It’s long known that the Apple MacBook favours the USB C design to provide power to charge the device.


You may have heard about the Thunderbolt 3 cable’s that are around, unfortunately USB C cannot compete with the speed of the Thunderbolt port, which is about four times faster. As USB C is based on USB 3.1 (Now I come to think of it… they never really took over from type A) there is limits to the speed of the cable and durability, thickness all come into the equation.

Mobile Phones

The OnePlus branded devices now use USB C as their charging port, in particular the OnePlus 2 device released in mid-2015, this concerns a lot of phone users who fear that the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack port will soon be replaced by USB C, this has been seen in rumours around the iPhone 7 that suggests the headphone port will be replaced by their lightning connector.

Personally, I’m hoping they hold off a few more years from completely implementing USB Type C for mobile phones and other popular devices, as I have far too many Micro USB cables that are lying around for Raspberry Pi’s and alike. Lets hope I get to hold on a few more years!

What do you think of USB C, is it a good thing and why do you prefer it – I’d love to hear your opinions and comments!


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