iPhone 6S Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Review

iPhone 6S Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Review

Recently I purchased a new iPhone 6s, I learned from the mistakes of my iPhone 5s that was neglected without a screen protector. Some may find that fine, I happen to be a bit careless with a habit of dropping my phone a couple of times a day, for me I found that I disliked the plastic screen protectors and therefore decided to try Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass.

My initial impressions and expectations were high, the packaging did appear to show the professional approach that Anker have gone for and it really shows in their products. This is my second Anker product and I have to admit, I’m impressed. Again.

Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass External Packaging

The Cover slides off to unveil the product in a book-like case, this opens up and has the contents of the Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass. The contents of the packaging include:

  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glas
  • Three Sticker installation
  • Instructions
  • Microfibre cloth
Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Packaging

Some points I have found with this are that it is relatively sturdy, they claim the glass is rated 9 for industry hardness, this is apparently harder than a knifes blade and makes it extremely difficult to scratch. From experience it is easy to install using their three stickers alignment method. This is fantastic as I found especially with the plastic screen protectors that it is increasingly difficult to align them and get them to stay on correctly.

Additionally, there is the benefit that this feels like the actual screen and Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass feels exactly like the actual iPhone 6s screen beneath, that is another reason I prefer glass over plastic after trailing this.

As build quality, professional look and fitting goes Anker has done an incredible job with their Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass! It has been on my iPhone for approximately three weeks, I cannot fault it one bit for anything. The pricing on this was originally £19.99, I managed to get it for £5.99 on Amazon.co.uk!

Although the Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass doesn’t require a case I do recommend that you have a case around your phone as the tempered glass does stick out, by adding a case it avoids any chips happening from a side impact. They have tried to solve this issue by providing a rounded smooth edge to the tempered glass.

If I had to rate Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass out of 5… Just see below!

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