Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard

In a nutshell, the Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard features everything you’d expect. Obviously it is a keyboard but in reality it’s much more, I’ve had a few keyboards in the past and I have to praise this one for being really light to hold and highly portable. This was a must for me as I tend to require a durable keyboard for occasions where it may get dropped or fall off the desk (accidents happen!).

So far though, I’ve been using this almost a year and can confirm my Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard is as good as new, I have had a few accidents with it and all the keys are still there, everything still works and I’m more impressed with the fact the batteries that came with the keyboard inside part of the box are still working almost a year later. I have to admit, I don’t use my gaming computer daily but for batteries to last this long, exceeding my wireless mouses usage by two times I’m amazed. The Logitech Website and I quote:

With intelligent power management, you can go years without replacing the batteries.

That’s impressive! It features an Auto-Standby mode for those times you forget to turn the keyboard off and it’s detected no usage. It additionally features 8 hot-keys and these do a range of things such as put the PC to sleep, emails, volume, calculator and media control. It has to be one of the only keyboards I’ve had where the keys have not faded with time and also has a spill resistant feature so that any spillages leak out of the keyboard through holes on the bottom – you’ll get a wet lap / desk but at least the keyboard still works!

Although it isn’t aimed at Gaming and more at the general use, home user and office type environment I don’t have a problem using this with games. Sure it’s not as similar as the most price-comparable Logitech G105 but it’s still a great keyboard.

Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard
Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard

As for price and usability the keyboard only costs £24.99, uses 2x AAA Batteries and has a 3 Year-Hardware warranty.

I’d recommend this product and rate it 3.5/5 for it’s usability, features, use and the effectiveness of it’s design and purpose. There are a few downsides that it isn’t exactly the most aesthetically appealing keyboard, it doesn’t turn itself off although it does have a power mode designed to do this. I’ve found I forget to slide the button across sometimes and a numpad enabled light would be helpful to see whether or not my numpad is enabled.

For more information on the Logitech k270 Wireless Keyboard please visit Logitech’s site here!

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