OCZ SSD Review

What is there to know OCZ SSD’s? – 1 Year on!

I have been aware of the OCZ brand for some time and haven’t previously used their products, I thought it was a good time to try. Around a year ago I purchased their 240Gb ARC-100 OCZ SSD with the intention of running my Windows 10 C:\ Drive from this when it was released in August.

As for the installation the drive unlike the likes of competitor SanDisk is metal, I think this makes it more robust and providing more security from knocks and bumps. I liked this as my previous Samsung 840 EVO also had a similar design, I do believe in my own opinion that this is the right way forward and not using plastic. The drive itself comes with 4 holes which align with a 2.5″ Hard Drive Bay.

Moving onto speed and usability of the drive, I’ve found it to be every quick and responsive when transferring files between folders and also very quick at installing Games and Software effortlessly.

You may be wondering why I chose to write this review one year on, it so happens because I didn’t want to provide false or unreliable information, the best way to stress test a drive is to use it like an average user in my own opinion. I’ve managed to do this over a year and haven’t experienced any issues with my OCZ SSD Drive.

Below I have included benchmarks for both a traditional Mechanical 1TB Drive against an OCZ ARC-100. I have included the traditional, slower drives scores first.

1TB Western Digital Drive:

1TB WD Score
1TB WD Score

The OCZ SSD Score is as follows:

OCZ SSD 240-ARC100 Score
OCZ SSD 240-ARC100 Score

Explanation and conclusion:

From my findings and testing I’ve found the below:

  • The SeqQ32T1, 4KQ32T1, SEQ, 4K Scores for both Read and Write speeds (MB/s) is comparatively faster than a traditional non-SSD drive.
  • The Pricing point of this drive when i bought it, was approximately £45/240GB working out at approximately £0.05p/GB.
  • The drive continuously performs well.

I would recommend any OCZ Drive based on my results, I haven’t however tested any other of their drives yet.

To find out more about OCZ SSD’s please visit OCZ’s website at: OCZ.com

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