Corsair HX850i Review

The Corsair HX850i, the best power supply I’ve ever owned and here are the reasons why!

I know it’s a bold statement to start, to say the least but there’s a reason behind it all! I’ve had a few power supplies (PSU’s) in my time as a system builder, there’s a few reasons why I love this one in particular and I shall explain these points below.


80 Plus Platinum Rating80 Plus Platinum Power Rating! – The Platinum power efficiency rating states the power supply will maintain a 92% efficiency rating

CorsairLink, a system which is greatly useful. You are able to plug a Mini-USB plug into the power supply and the other end in a USB 2.0 header, this allows the CorsairLink software to communicate with the rest of your system and show key parameters such as fan speeds, temperature readings and power consumption of the system. This is useful and is great when you’re looking to upgrade your system and wonder how much power you’re currently using. The Corsair HX850i works with Corsair Link fluidly.

ZeroRPM Fan Mode – Want a power supply that makes zero noise? This is the first brand I’ve used that wont use the fan unless the power supply requires cooling, this is a great selling point for those who run full water-cooled systems and don’t like any fan noise.

Coil Whine Reduction – I’ve noticed a few power supplies in the past have had evident coil whine when running, the Corsair HX850i is built to reduce any electrical noise and coil whine, as of yet I cannot point out any noticeable noise from this power supply.
Fully Modular – Common on a lot of modern power supplies now is the likes of a fully modular system, using only the cables you require and therefore saving on cables lying around in your case and also increasing the airflow in your case.

Modular View of the Corsair HX850i


Moving onto packaging and the quality that Corsair delivers; I have included pictures of the package as it arrived, this is some of the best care and quality I have seen with any computer components.

The first image shows what the actual power-supply looks like, this shows the clear quality that has gone into making an excellent product. This arrived in a nice ‘velvet’ like bag to keep it secure and nicely presentable.

Corsair HX850i Power Supply with text on either side, always facing up whatever the position in the case.

Secondly, after removing the external box you’re greeted with a securely packed box.
Corsair HX850i Inner Box

Lastly but particularly interestingly,the bag which is included has had plenty of effort put into making sure it’s neatly presented, I have had cables just placed within a box before so it’s nice to see they are careful about the way the cables are handled.

Modular Cable Bag

“Yeah, the Corsair HX850i great but surely there must be some niggles?”

I have to admit, the majority of this power supply is flawless and unproblematic, I did have a bit of an issue fitting it to my Mid-Tower case though. This was because the Corsair HX850i is much longer than my previous power supply (Corsair CX500M), meaning I had to remove my bottom case mounted fan to allow for the power supply to fit. Was a bit worried it would not work on Windows 10 but it does just fine.

Further information is available about the Corsair HX850i on the Corsair website:

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