Windows 10 UAG Fix

My Windows 10 UAG Fix

Windows 10 has been known to cause a few issues with Microsofts Unified Access Gateway (UAG), unfortunately as UAG is no longer supported by Microsoft in favour of other methods – this is a workaround to make UAG work on Windows 10 running Internet Explorer 11.


To fix UAG on Windows 10 you’re required to edit the registry of the computer(s) that are wanting to access the website. The way this works is by tricking the Internet Explorer 11 browser into behaving like Internet Explorer 9 – this will not work on Microsoft Edge, however Internet Explorer 11 can be enabled on the Windows Features list if it’s not already installed by default.2

1) Open regedit.exe (Run -> Regedit.exe)

Run -> Regedit.exe)

2) Navigate to the Registry Key:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

2) Right click the blank space beneath the other keys once you’ve navigated to this folder.

3) Select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.

4) Once this is made, enter the name “iexplorer.exe” without the quotations.

5) Enter/Modify (Right Click -> Modify) this new entry to have the following values:

Value data: 9000
Base: Decimal
A screenshot showing the path and Registry entry to be set.
A screenshot showing the path and Registry entry to be set within Registry Editor, the file path is also shown at the bottom of the Registry Editor.

If value data 9000 doesn’t work, you may try also wish to try 9999. This should still be the same once the machine has been restarted, make sure that pop-up blocker and Active-X unsigned components are allowed within Internet Explorer options.

Once this is entered press OK and close any instances of Microsoft Internet Explorer, then re-open this and navigate to the UAG page you’re trying to connect to. You will find that if you haven’t navigated to the page before you will be prompted to install the browser components.

Follow the install and once this is done you should be able to login. Outlook Web Access (OWA) and all available Remote Desktop Connection’s (RDP) will appear, the RDP connections are the only item that doesn’t show on UAG when this fix hasn’t been applied correctly.

You will be prompted depending on your internet security settings to allow Active X when opening an RDP connection, close the prompt and press Allow on the information bar below.

This will now remember your settings and you will just have to leave the registry key in place, there is other methods such as running the browser and Emulating IE9 through Development Tools however this requires modifying the settings every time.

Please note if you have the Enterprise edition of Microsoft Windows 10 that you’re able to run Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in “Enterprise mode” (may have to be enabled by Group Policy) on certain pages of your choice which will run UAG without any modifications to the registry, this replicates IE8 within IE11. With this enabled you may distribute the setting to a group of computers without manually editing their registry.

If you are having trouble, comment below and I shall try my best to support your access to Microsoft Unified Forefront Access  Gateway.

Please feel free to use this content however please reference my original piece.

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