Windows 10 Review

Windows 10, we meet again.

Windows 10

Where do I begin?

Taking a look later than others have and allowing some exposure to set in – therefore allowing me to provide an unbiased opinion of the operating system itself.

Windows 10 I have had installed since February 2015, the beta version was a new fresh outlook to myself and it was the first experience I’d had with a beta version of a new operating system. Unfortunately I never got this opportunity with Windows 7. However, with an open mind and approach I took that leap and installed it.

I have to say I’m impressed with the design and GUI of the Windows Ten operating system.  Some people disagree, I see it as a better improvement to Windows 7 without taking that leap of Windows 8 that caused distress. I like the way they’ve incorporated a lot of the settings and made an effort to make the appearance attractive and easy to use while keeping a similar style and layout to the previous operating systems.

Although it’s not been adopted into the corporate environment yet I think Microsoft has made an attempt to rescue some of their reputation by offering it for free, they’ve also rebranded Internet Explorer into the new and fresh Edge which competes with the likes of Google Chrome. The introduction of Cortana whom can use your microphone to make searches for you – handy if that’s your type of thing. Microsoft also announced the release of DirectX12 for Windows 10 and how it should manage processes much better, creating a more fluid and ‘lagless’ experience which DirectX11 had failed with. The main issue with DirectX11 in my own opinion is that it handled everything sluggishly and used almost all the resources it had available because it could. Microsoft products tend to swallow all available resources and prioritise themselves over other tasks – this can be seen especially with Microsoft Exchange.

I have to admit I mainly use the Mac OS X operating system daily rather than Windows – it does suit me and I can see the appeal that many others see too. It’s bright and has a unique twist.

Is it buggy/unreliable?

This is a question I’ve been asked a few times as some people are hesitant to upgrade and although everyones computer is unique and may behave differently I can say that I didn’t have problems with the Technical Preview (Beta) copy however, my Windows 10 install that upgraded from Windows 7 has led to a few flaws in my system and they have effected the use of it for gaming, playing movies & videos and other important tasks due to some of the ways it works and how new it is, it’s unlikely that some of these will be fixed quickly until technical teams gain a lot of exposure to its problems and resolutions.

One of the confusing things I have discovered is that they’ve separated the Control Panel into two; Control Panel and Settings. I’m not sure of the idea they had when implementing this although it is quite confusing.

What about the news?

True enough recently there has been a few bits of bad press in regards to Windows 10 tracking users and sending information to their parents however these are all features of the operating system and can be disabled. It is therefore just an option that is there to be utilised and can easily be turned off if the user desires.

Personally I think seen as people have varied opinions it is possible that there’s mixed opinions in regards to some of the features that Windows 10 has. In my own personal and professional opinion Microsoft has done their best to suit and fit into every type of life-style that has to use and function with this operating system, I believe they’ve done a good job.



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