Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Review

Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector Review

After recently purchased the iPhone 7, along side I bought a Spigen iPhone 7 Screen Protector. Personally I have a preference of getting the Tempered Glass as I do not believe the plastic ones have the same protection because of their poor durability. The packaging was vibrant, descriptive and fairly simple which is good for a product that is simple […]

iPhone 7 Unboxing

iPhone 7 Unboxing!

The long awaited iPhone 7 was finally released on Friday the 16th. I had the pleasure of ordering this device for you guys and showing off it’s elements as I have always been a great fan of Apple products. This post features an iPhone 7 unboxing and all the pictures to go along with it! At first I was surprised […]

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 – What you need to know!

Today has been an interesting day for Apple fans with the confirmation of the iPhone 7 and all of its features. There are some great benefits such as the minimum storage size being 32GB because clearly 16GB was never enough! Apple iPhone 7 latest features and improvements: The A10 processing chip is a “64-bit quad core with 3.3 billion transistors. […]

Macbook Charger

How to get an easy Macbook Charger Replacement!

A helpful guide is always good and especially one that can help you get a free macbook charger replacement. Although the term free is loosely used these days I have used this technique realistically for at least 4 chargers without any issues. Always getting a free replacement. Their policy is that they will charge you around £60 and then refund […]

UniFi App

Why the UniFi App is for you!

When you are one of those constantly mobile and active people you have the downside of usually not being able to check your tech away from home. We know… thats unfortunate, especially when you just want a break from the desk! But the UniFi App available for iPhone and Android is here to change that. You could be on a […]